Key Cabinets

Quality and Security without compromise

Alternative Locking Mechanisms

All of our cabinets provide effective key control and security and can be supplied with the type of mechanisms that suit your security and can be supplied with the type of mechanisms that suit your security requirements.

• Mechanical combination offering 1 million differs
• Electronic combination lock
• Electronic code lock
• Mechanical digital lock offering 8000 different combinations
• Mechanical digital lock with key override offering 8000 different combinations
• Electronic slam shut lock with key override
• Electronic slam shut smart audit lock
• Euro lock housing
• Padlockable cam lock (padlock not included)
• 2 cam locks – key to differ

Electronic Code Lock

Mechanical Digital with Key Override

Electronic Slam Shut Lock

Padlockable Cam Lock

Mechanical Combination

Electronic Smart Audit Lock

Euro Lock

Mechanical Digital Code Lock

Electronic Locking

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Other Products



We offer a range of Safes in various sizes from Euro Grade 1 to Euro Grade 3.  All ECBS certified.


Key Cabinets

Our Key Security Cabinets offer numerous alternative locking mechanisms to suit different security requirements.


Security Mirrors

Our Safety and Security Mirrors can be used to help avoid injury, attack or damage and theft.  Ideal for receptions, offices, warehouses and car parks etc.

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