Safes and Security Frequently Asked Questions

With over 40 years of expertise in the safe and security industry, we have a wealth of knowledge that we can impart to you and our distributors. Got a question about any of our products, how we work or how to become a distributor, take a look at our FAQs. 

How can the Safes be fixed?

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Our safes can be fixed to a timber or concrete floor.

What are cash ratings?

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Our UK ratings are amounts Insurance companies will cover in a Safe overnight.  The Safes are certified by ECBS so the level of cover can be converted to Euros for example.

What cash or jewellery rating will I get on my Safe?

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Our Grade 1 Safe provides £10,000 cash cover or £100,000 jewellery cover.

Our Grade 2 Safe provides £17,500 cash cover or £175,000 jewellery cover

Our Grade 3 Safe provides £35,000 cash cover or £350,000 jewellery cover


What locking do I need on my Safe or Key Cabinet?

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There are various reasons for choosing lock types

For example cost; a key lock is cheaper than a mechanical or electronic lock and there is no difference in security.

Convenience:  A key needs to be kept safe, ideally on your person, whereas a mechanical or electronic combination lock has the advantage of changing codes as you please and no worry about the security of a key.

Ease of use; a mechanical combination lock requires dialling in the numbers whereas an electronic push button lock is a lot quicker to use.

Other; electronic locks can (subject to lock type and budget) have many users with different codes, audit trails, time locks and time lock opening times.

Do I need to make a minimum order to become a distributor?

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Our focus is looking for the right partners to build a successful long term relationship and finding out what works for all.

Do I need to operate in the security sector?

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No, we welcome enquiries from distributors who have experience working in many sectors, including Defence, Industrial/factory supplies, Office Supplies, Education, Health, Pharmaceutical and Automotive Sectors.

Do you offer exclusivity to distributors by location?

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Yes, working together we could look at options to grow our business with enthusiastic partners.

Have questions, or need advice?

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