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Accountable Key Control Systems for the Automotive Sector


Key Security, accountability and accessibility play a huge part in the smooth running of many businesses, garage and service centres in particular. Control of keys is of paramount importance. Lack of the above can prove; in some circumstances, very costly, as was the case with Latham Motors.

They ran a very busy service MOT Testing Centre, with a high number of vehicles passing through each day. Two vehicle keys were lost on one particular day. Frustratingly keys had been mislaid in the past which had cost time and therefore money. Had they been lost or stolen? An answer to the time wasting/searching for the keys was needed. Working closely with Steve Latham a solution was found, not only to the immediate problem of key security but to save time and money in accessing and accountability of the vehicle keys.


Our Solution


The Bristol Range of Automotive Key Security Cabinets with the added benefit of self-closing door was evaluated and found to be a great cost effective way forward, important in a busy working environment. With rugged, square cornered construction, durable powder coated finish and complete with adjustable colour coded hook bars to accommodate different length of keys with corresponding numbered key tabs (each department having a different colour).

Strong metal hook bars were able to cope with the high usage with different length hooks for the alternative size of keys and transponders, ensuring there was no messy bunching, overlapping and tangling of keys.

In this instance a BS100 SC cabinet was installed. The internal control index (which is removable) was not used and keys were taken and signed out and logged in, in a separate ledger. The high quality digital lock was supplied with a latch closing function.

To complete the cabinet, it was never left open. Keeping the keys secure accessible and accountable to authorised users only. The garage found the Bristol Self Closing Key Security Cabinet a really cost effective solution to their key control problem, giving a more professional control of keys at any given time and saving money.

BS50 DMDPH Key Cabinet


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