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Thornhill Security has over 40 years of specialist experience in the security industry.  Trusted by customers and locksmiths alike to provide quality products with our Bristol Range of Key Cabinets, Safes and Safety Mirrors. We also provide a wide range security products to solve your security requirements, including Vaults, Strongrooms, Reconditioned Safes, Access Control, Master Key Systems, Security Doors, Grilles and Cages.  

We can offer expert advice on our Secure Rooms, Luxury Safes and high profile security systems.

We welcome enquiries to develop a working partnership with Distributors interested growing their business by enhancing their current product range.



We offer a range of Safes in various sizes from Euro Grade 1 to Euro Grade 3.  All ECBS certified.


Key Cabinets

Our Key Security Cabinets offer numerous alternative locking mechanisms to suit different security requirements.


Security Mirrors

Our Safety and Security Mirrors can be used to help avoid injury, attack or damage and theft.  Ideal for receptions, offices, warehouses and car parks etc.

Have questions, or need advice?

Speak to one of our team today by emailing info@thornhillsecurityltd.co.uk.

Could you be one of our Distributors?

We operate successfully in the UK and following a number of opportunistic sales outside of the UK, we wish to structure the export of our products in a more focused way.  As a distributor you don’t need to be selling Safes and Key Cabinets at the moment, but they may enhance your current product range.

Do I need to make a minimum order to become a distributor?

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Our focus is looking for the right partners to build a successful long term relationship and finding out what works for all.

Do I need to operate in the security sector?

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No, we welcome enquiries from distributors who have experience working in many sectors, including Defence, Industrial/factory supplies, Office Supplies, Education, Health, Pharmaceutical and Automotive Sectors.

Do you offer exclusivity to distributors by location?

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Yes, working together we could look at options to grow our business with enthusiastic partners.

How we have Helped our Clients

Defence Sector

Read how we helped provide a custom solution to a defence client who required a specific lock to meet the required security level.

Hospital room with beds

Health Sector

Learn how we helped a UK hospital maintain a high degree of security whilst minimising wasted time finding the relevant key holder to open a medicine cabinet.

Automotive Sector

Find out how we saved a MOT Test Centre time, money and increase security of key management with a key cabinet solution.

Education Sector

Read how we helped a junior school improve the security of their IT store room and ensure that accountability was in place for all keys.

“We have utilised Thornhill security for over a decade for a wide variety of products and services throughout our network. They have always exceeded our expectations with their commitment to customers, knowledge, expertise and experience. We have tested them globally with some extremely demanding requirements and they have always delivered”


Global Secure Logistics Provider

“Thornhill have worked closely with us on many projects and has been a partner in many difficult and sensitive installation projects.  The team at Thornhill, is very capable in its ability to handle large installation projects.  They have installed vault rooms for us and the co-operation with our project managers and professionalism has led to incident free and on-time installations.”

Managing Director

Gunnebo UK Ltd

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