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Thornhill Security Limited

Thornhill Security Ltd is an established security company based in Bristol, UK. We have over 40 years of experience in providing specialist key cabinets, safes and locking solutions for the domestic and commercial markets throughout the UK .

In addition to the sale of a wide range of security products including Safes, Vaults, Strongrooms, Access Control and Master Key Systems,  Security Grilles and Cages we provide expert advice and installation services on panic rooms, luxury safes and high profile security systems.


This is very much dependent on what type of keys are being stored. If the key tab is used correctly, you can store several keys on one hook without any problems.  For larger bunches we recommend using the Deep Key Cabinets/ Padlock Hook bars.

No, the cabinets are sent out on a factory set combination, which we recommend is changed when you receive the cabinet. Once this has been changed we have no way of retrieving lost/ forgotten combinations.

Please refer to the instructions that were supplied with the cabinet.

If the keys are hung in the correct way using the key tag, bunches of keys should not be a problem. It entirely depends on how many keys are in the bunch, what type of keys they are etc. We have cabinets that are designed to take bunches of keys by means of wider spacing and longer hook bars.

Yes, the cabinets are available Keyed Alike at no extra charge.

No, we do not supply the cabinets with any fixings as we do not know what type of wall they will be secured to, and the screws/bolts needed would be different depending on the wall.

If there are a large number of people requiring access or access to the cabinet is needed to be changed periodically. e Staff leaving, security requirement.  The combination can then be changed as needed.  With lots of keys in circulation, the security of the cabinet is greatly compromised.


At Thornhill Security we believe in maintaining high professional standards as both locksmiths and as safe suppliers. Since establishing over 40 years ago we strive to deliver an ongoing commitment to providing quality products, information, advice and service to our customers.

With this promise in mind, Thornhill Security are a professionally accredited company and members of four acclaimed associations to ensure our customers’ additional peace of mind.

Master Locksmith Association

Master Lockmsiths are a non-profit organisation who have established themselves as the largest and longest running Locksmith Association in the UK.

Founded with the purpose to set and promote standards of conduct, skills, ethics, practice and materials within the locksmith industry all company members are vetted, undergo regular inspections to ensure quality and employ locksmiths with recognised exam-based qualifications.

In addition MLA are recognised at the authoritative body for UK locksmiths by a number of organisations including; Home Office; The Police; British Standards Institute; Risk Insight Strategy and Control Authority and European Locksmiths Federation. You can therefore be assured that Thornhill Security provide you with the highest national standards.

More information about the Master Locksmith Association can be found here.


Safe Contractor

As members of Safe Contractor, at Thornhill Security we understand that health and safety is an important aspect of any business.

As the fastest growing health and safety association in the UK, Safe Contractor review our health and safety policies, procedures and documentation ensuring the highest of standards. You can therefore buy from Thornhill Security safe in the knowledge that we take our obligations and responsibilities very seriously.

For more information about Safe Contractor visit their website here.


As the association of British Safe Manufacturers EuroSafe aim to restore confidence in European Standards for testing and rating cash safes, security cabinets, document fire safes and computer data safes.

Our customers at Thornhill Security can be assured that you receive only the highest quality security products which have been tested and certified by BRE/LPCB in the UK or European test houses affiliated with the European Fire & Security Group (EFSG).

All EuroSafe members, including ourselves must comply with a code of conduct and adhere to a duty of care to our customers to provide expert and uniformed advice on product specification, test certificates and insurance indemnity levels.

More information about EuroSafe can be found here.


Construction Line

ConstructionLine are a public-private initiative between Capita and the Governments Department for Business Innovation and skills.

By standardising the pre-qualification stage they aim to make the process for construction related contractors, consultants and material suppliers more efficient for buyers and suppliers.

This means that Thornhill Security have the relevant company information, policies and procedures; all of which are verified and accepted onto an approved database.

More information about ConstructionLine can be found here.

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