High Quality Key Cabinets From Thornhill

Fully adjustable hook bars

Allows the customer to adjust the hook bars to suit different lengths and types of keys, so the cabinet best accommodates their requirements

Removable control index card

The control index should be removed when the cabinet is not in use – with the card removed a would be intruder is faced with numbered keys that are not easily identifiable to their use.

Laminated colour coded ticket strips with laminated numbered inserts

This system improves over the use of stick on numbered strips allowing KeySecure to fully customise a cabinet if required with regards to colour layout or even naming or coding hooks instead of being numbered.

Durable powder coated finish

The powder coated finish ensures that wherever the key cabinet is located it will resist scratching from keys and other items ensuring that the key cabinet looks smart and presentable.

Colour coded key tags

By colour coding these to the hook bar colours, it enables customers to more easily identify keys from certain areas or uses, I.e having all the keys for the maintenance dept. in red.

Using the keytags supplied throws the keys from back to front minimising overlapping and ensuring the cabinet is neat and the keys are easily accessible.

High security cam lock

This is a high quality cam lock with easily accessible key blanks. Using this lock enables us to retro fit both keyed alike and master keyed locks.

Keyed Alike – For use where more than one cabinet is required but is accessed by the same person(s) meaning only one key is needed to operate both cabinets.

Master Keyed – Ideal where one person requires access to multiple cabinets, such as a manager or area representative. The cabinets will be on different key numbers but will have one common key that operates all of the cabinets.

Criss –Cross design on doors

Aesthetically more pleasing and adds strength and rigidity to the doors creating a more robust cabinet

Square cornered construction

Folded square cornered construction provides superior strength and security to the cabinet.

Alternative locking options available

A key is not always suitable, such as instances where there is a high turnover of staff or multiple people that require entry at different times.